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Camo Wedding Rings

Welcome to, the place where you can find some of the most diverse and cost effective camo wedding rings online. There is a fair chance that if you are visiting this page you are planning on getting married soon. Getting married and having a wedding is a really exciting time in anyone’s life. It is the time where you get to show your commitment to each other and become bonded together for the rest of your lives.

Most couples like to choose a wedding ring that not only suits their own personal style, but it normally also makes a statement. What better way to make a statement than to buy a camo wedding ring, it certainly isn’t common and they look great!

The top 10 table below should help you to decide which camo wedding ring will best suit your needs.

Top 10 Camo Wedding Rings

Ring Ring Sizes Material Color Price Rating
Mossy Oak – Duck Blind Camo BandMossy Oak – Duck Blind Camo BandBuy 7 to 15.5 Titanium Ring With Duck Blind Pattern Camo $$ N/A
Mossy Oak – Obsession Camo BandMossy Oak – Obsession Camo BandBuy 7 to 15.5 Titanium Camo $$ N/A
Camo Ring – TitaniumCamo Titanium Wedding Band copyBuy 8 to 12.5 Titanium with Camo Dip Fiber Inlay Camo $$ 4.4
Carbide Earth RiverstoneCarbide Earth Riverstone Wedding Ring 110w 50w 160w" sizes="(max-width: 160px) 100vw 160px" />Buy 6 to 13 Tungsten Carbide Camo/Carbide Earth Riverstone $$ 3.6
Carbide Green RiverstoneCarbide Green Riverstone Wedding Ring 110w 50w 160w" sizes="(max-width: 160px) 100vw 160px" />Buy 7 to 13 Tungsten Carbide Camo/Carbide Green Riverstone $$ 4.1
Pink Camo BandPink Camo Wedding Ring 110w 50w 160w" sizes="(max-width: 160px) 100vw 160px" />Buy 5 to 15.5 Titanium Pink Camo Break Up Pattern $$ N/A
Mens Camo Wedding BandMens Camo Wedding Band 110w 50w 160w" sizes="(max-width: 160px) 100vw 160px" />Buy 10 millimeters Titanium Camo $$$ N/A
Marines/Army/Navy Military Camo RingMarinesArmyNavy Military Camo RingBuy 7 to 15 Tungsten Carbide Camo $ N/A
Army Camo Wedding RingArmy Camo Wedding Ring - Titanium Wedding Band - Marpat Camo RingBuy 8 to 12 Titanium with Camo Dip Fiber Inlay and Resin Coated Camo $$ N/A
Combat Cobalt Chrome Camo Wedding RingCombat Cobalt Chrome Camo Wedding RingBuy 7 to 12 Cobalt Camo $ N/A

Included in the table is 5 columns:

  • Camo Wedding Ring pictures (click to view more details or to purchase)
  • Ring Sizes
  • The Materials the ring is made out of
  • The ring Color
  • Price – These are approximate prices on  These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more.
    In general:
    $ = Cheap
    $$ = Average Price
    $$$ = Highest Price
  • Rating – Amazon rating (if available).


Types of Camo Wedding Rings

Most camo wedding rings are made out of either Tungsten or Titanium, although I have seen some available in both Gold and Silver (for more information on the different metals you can get rings made out of, check out this site).

There are also two main types of camo wedding rings available on the market today. One is the Camo inlay wedding ring and the other is the Camo wrap type of ring. The main difference between the two is that the inlay ring has a camouflage inlay inserted into the channel within the ring, while the camo wrap actually molds a camo style material around the metal ring to make the actual ring look like it’s camouflage. When looking at Amazon it looks like almost all the rings available are camo inlay rings.


Who wears Camo Rings?

I bet you are wondering who normally buys / wears camo wedding rings? Well camo rings are meant for both men and women and they are normally worn by people who are either ex-military or who are really into hunting / outdoorsy types of activities. By choosing to wear camo, you are making a statement that you like the outdoors activities and that you are proud to be involved with them.


Camo Wedding Accessories

Often if you are getting a camo wedding ring you will be doing the entire camo wedding. This means you will also be interested in knowing that you can a whole heap more camo wedding stuff to make your day complete. The following is a list of other types of camo accessories that you might be interested in for your wedding: